Local Authority Byelection Results 2019 - Summary of Gains & Losses

Principal Authorities Only

Conservative gain icon Conservative Gains

From Independent & Other

Thurrock Council (UA), Alveley & Uplands (21/3/2019)

Labour gain icon Labour Gains

From Independent & Other

Buckinghamshire CC, Totteridge & Bowerdean (7/2/2019)

Southampton City (UA), Coxford Ward (14/3/2019)

Liberal Democrat gain icon Liberal Democrat Gains

From Labour

Bradford City, Bolton & Undercliffe (7/2/2019)

Green gain icon Green Gains

From Conservative

Aylesbury Vale DC, Haddenham and Stone (7/3/2019)

Independent & Other gain icon Independent & Other Gains

From Labour

Tower Hamlets LBC, Shadwell (7/2/2019)

From Independent & Other

Cardiff City (UA), Ely (21/2/2019)

Newcastle-under-Lyme BC, Holditch & Chesterton (21/3/2019)

Information courtesy of the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors.

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