EDKINS - Sources for EDK00002.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 28 Belitha Villas, Islington, LND (1471-293)
Robert Pitt EDKINS Head46MA of Cambridge
Geometry Lecturer in Gresham College
Second Master of the City of London School
Newington LND
Elizabeth EDKINSWife47 Lambeth LND

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Grays Inn, LND (0340-109-17)
John Perry EDKINS Head57StockbrokerSalisbury Sq, LND

1881 Newington, SRY (0538-13-19)
John EDKINS Head72Retired ClerkNewington SRY
Mary EDKINSWife62 Marden KEN
Robert P EDKINSSon25Clerk Fire OfficeNewington SRY

1881 Reading, BRK (1306-18-30)
Sarah EDKINS Head(Unm)74PropertyNewington Butts SRY
Clement EDKINSBro70Retired SurgeonNewington Butts SRY
Martha S. EDKINSSis62Income from D.Newington Butts SRY

Parish Registers

St Bride, London (Marriage Allegation)
Samuel Sabine Edkins, St Bride Sarah Relfe, St Giles Camberwell 16 Jul 1822
St Martin, Leicester (Marriage Allegation)
Samuel Sabine Edkins, St Bride Mary Stephen, St Martin, Leicester 3 Sep 1829
St Mary le Bone (Marriage Allegation)
John Edkins, St Leonards Shoreditch Mary Pitt, St Mary le Bone 17 Jul 1804
Shipston-on-Stour, WAR (IGI)
Anned. of John & Sarah EDKINS30 Jul 1742
Sarahd. of John & Sarah EDKINS30 Jan 1743
Elizabethd. of John & Sarah EDKINS18 Oct 1745
Samuels. of John & Sarah EDKINS22 Sep 1747
Anned. of John & Sarah EDKINS20 Oct 1749
Maryd. of John & Sarah EDKINS05 May 1752
Hannahd. of John & Sarah EDKINS19 Nov 1753
Thos. Olivers. of John & Sarah EDKINS05 Jan 1757
Clements. of John & Sarah EDKINS21 Nov 1758
Clements. of John & Sarah EDKINS28 Mar 1760
Shipston-on-Stour, WAR (IGI)
John EDKINS= Mary SHARP02 Dec 1779
Johns. of John & Mary EDKINS01 Nov 1780
Samuel Sabines. of John & Mary EDKINS14 Oct 1791
Lucy Parrys. of John & Mary EDKINS25 Dec 1792
Southwark,SRY Walworth Locks Fields Chapel York Street-independent (IGI)
Thomas Sabins. of John & Mary EDKINS29 May 1815
George Pittss. of John & Mary EDKINS8 Jun 1817
Martha Sabins. of John & Mary EDKINS13 Jun 1819
Tidmington, WAR (IGI)
John EDKINS= Sarah SABIN25 Sep 1741

Monumental Inscriptions

Shipston-on Stour, WOR

In memory of Samuel SABIN who departed this life June 12th 1778 aged 35 years.
And of Martha Sabin ... [daughter?] of Samuel Sabin who died December 25th 1843 aged 69 years.

Apprenticeships, Loriner's Company

Samuel Edkins, son of John Edkins, Shipston on Stour, WOR, Gent, to Samuel Wright, 1 Apr 1761
William Mitchell ... to Samuel Edkins, 12 Nov 1772
Phillip Holland ... to Samuel Edkins, 1 Sep 1773
Clement Edkins, son of John Edkins, Shipston on Stour, WOR, Gent, to Samuel Edkins, 2 Nov 1774
Thomas Merryfield ... to Samuel Edkins, 4 Feb 1778


Extract of Will of Samuel EDKINS
Proved: Jan 1822 (Quire 14)
Living in the Parish of Spaw(??), Berkshire
Executors: George Pitt of Gt Portland St
Refers to his daughter Mrs O'Loughlin.
Requests his nephew Thomas Edkins to continue the payment of 5 pounds per annum to Miss Martha Sabin

From an Auctioneer's Catalogue


139. [GLOBES: TERRESTRIAL & CELESTIAL]. Pair of globes: EDKINS, S. S. & Son. * [Terrestrial globe labeled]: The New Twelve Inch British Terrestrial Globe Representing the Accurate Positions of the Principal Known Places of the Earth from the Discoveries of Captain Cook and Subsequent Circumnavigators to the Present Period. Manufactured by S. S. Edkins the Son in Law & Successor to the Late T. M. Bardin Salisbury Square, London.... * [Celestial globe labeled]: The New Twelve Inch British Celestial Globe Containing the Exact Positions of More Than 3800 Fix'd Stars, Nebulae, Planetary Nebulae &c. According to the Latest Discoveries and Observations of Dr. Mathelene, Dr. Herschel and Other Eminent Astronomers and Corrected to the Present Period. Made by S. S. Edkins Son in Law to the Late T. M. Bardin. Salisbury Square, London. London, ca. 1823. Each globe is 12 inches in diameter and 18 inches in overall height. Globes covered with engraved and colored paper gores, mounted on original wooden four-legged stand with baluster legs with cross stretcher, brass meridian, wooden horizon rings with paper zodiac. Overall light moderate craquelure. All gores are intact with the exception of a small (approximately one-fourth by one-eighth inch square) rectangular piece of the terrestrial globe (northern Bering Straits). Some of the varnish has been rubbed off, but the gores underneath have not been affected. One diagonal crack and gouge on celestial globe horizon ring. The horizon ring clamp on the celestial globe is an expertly crafted facsimile.

Elly Dekker and Peter van der Krogt, Edkins in Globes from the Western World (London: Zwemmer, 1993): "Obviously, by 1812 the cartographic value of globes had come to the fore again and, seen from that perspective, Keith judged the 'New British Globes' made by Bardin and those globes made by Cary as the best, the plates of all others being outdated. The globes mentioned here stood at the beginning of a new period in British globe making, of which, with the exception of the Bardin firm, relatively little is known. As recent research by John Millburn has shown, the globes made by them are in a way a continuation of the branch of globe making that began with Senex, and was carried on by Ferguson and Martin. In 1782 the assistant of the latter, Gabriel Wright (d. 1803/4), who for eighteen years worked in Martin's shop and presumably made the 'Martin' globes, designed a completely new pair of globes in collaboration with William Bardin (c. 1740-98). These globes, 'made and sold by W. Bardin,' were also sold by other instrument makers. To quote Millburn: 'names such as Adams, Dollond, Hurter, Souter and especially W. & S. Jones, are found on what are basically Bardin globes.' Of the makers and retailers mentioned, the firm of William (1763-1831) and Samuel Jones (active 1810) was instrumental in the publication of a new series of globes by the Bardin firm. These 'New British Globes', with diameters of 12 and 18 inches, appeared from 1798 until far into the nineteenth century, the later editions carrying various names: Bardin & Son, W. and T. M. Bardin, and later still, S. S. Edkins, son-in-law to T. M. Bardin." ($20,000-40,000)