EDKINS - Sources for EDK00007.

Census: 6th June 1841 (ages in 5 year bands)

1841 22 Pear Tree Street, Lambeth
Thomas Edkins Head50Turncock
Sarah EdkinsWife45 
William EdkinsSon20Engineer
Thomas EdkinsSon15Stationer
Sarah EdkinsDaughter15 
Frederick EdkinsSon10 
Edmund EdkinsSon5 

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 6 Dieller(?) Court, Little Charlotte Place, Lambeth
William Edkins Head31Statler(?)Lambeth
Jane EdkinsWife26 Lambeth
Thomas EdkinsSon7 Lambeth
Amelia EdkinsDaughter4 Lambeth
Alexander EdkinsSon3 Lambeth
Jane EdkinsDaughter2 Lambeth

1851 22 Pear Tree Street, Lambeth
Thomas Edkins Head63TurncockStratford-upon-Avon
Sarah EdkinsWife59 Borough Green
Frederick EdkinsSon23PorterLambeth
Edmund EdkinsSon16Printer & CompositerLambeth

1851 Holywell, Warwick (2072-37-12)
Job EDKINS Head30Ag LabStratford-Warw
Elizabeth EDKINSWife35 Stratford-Warw
Mary Ann EDKINSDaur10 Lapworth-Warw
Thomas EDKINSSon5 Lapworth-Warw
William EDKINSSon3 Lapworth-Warw
John EDKINSSon1m Rowington-Warw

1851 Scholars Lane, Stratford on Avon (2074-246-31)
read age as 59
Head51LabourerStratford on Avon-WAR
Susannah EDKINSWife61 Stratford on Avon-WAR

1851 (Wootton Wawen) Henley In Arden Stratford On Avon (2074-752-13)
David HOWSE Head32Carrier & Cow Keeper
Occupying 4 Acres Of Land
Henley In Arden-WAR
Elizabeth EDKINSServ13ServantLapworth-WAR

Census: 2nd April 1871

1871 Green Street, Enfield
William EDKINS Head50GunmakerLambeth
Jane EDKINSWife47 Lambeth
Harry EDKINSSon18BakerKingston
Mary EDKINSDaughter17Weaver of JuteLambeth
Sarah EDKINSDaughter15Weaver of JuteLambeth
Ellen EDKINSDaughter14Weaver of JuteIsle of Sheppey
Margaret EDKINSDaughter12 Enfield
Ann M EDKINSDaughter9? Enfield
Cf BCI (1861S): Annie Matilda Edkins, Edmonton
Charles EDKINSSon7 Enfield
Alfred EDKINSSon6 Enfield

Census: US Federal 1st June 1880

Hartford, CT
Edkins, Thos WHead36GunsmithEngland
Edkins, Lilian EWife34Keeps HouseEngland
Edkins, Ernest ASon12At SchoolEngland
Williamson, AlfredBroL26GunsmithEngland

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 St Annes Soho, LND (0129-22-35)
Frederick EDKINS Head25PorterLambeth SRY
Harriet Sarah EDKINSWife28 St Giles MID
Fredk.Jas EDKINSSon5ScholarSt Annes Soho MID
Clara Alice EDKINSDau4 St Annes Soho MID

1881 St Annes Soho, LND (0132-88-34)
Frederick EDKINS Head53GunmakerLambeth SRY
Mary Ann EDKINSWife50 Deptford KEN
Sarah EDKINSDau28 Lambeth SRY

1881 No. 5 Back of 198 Bolton Rd, Bordesley, WAR (3021-81-24)
Thomas EDKINS Head34BoatmanLapworth WAR
Harriet EDKINSWife35 Rowington WAR
Samuel EDKINSSon15BoatboyRowington WAR
Ann E EDKINSDau1 Greet WOR
Clara EDKINSDau4m Greet WOR

Census: 5th April 1891

1891 12 Macclesfield St, Soho, LND (0088-148-190)
Frederick EDKINS Head63Gun Barrel BrownerLambeth SRY
Sarah EDKINSDau38HousekeeperLambeth SRY

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Bermondsey, LND. Pages 441002-3, person 10789751-7
Frederick Edkins45Kennington LondonConfectioners Foreman
Harriet Edkins49Soho London 
George Edkins14Bermondsey LondonPrinter Layer On
Cf BCI (1886D): George Thomas Edkins, St Olave
Albert Edkins12Bermondsey LondonErrand Boy After School Hours
Cf BCI (1888D): Albert Edward Edkins, St Olave
Christopher Edkins10Bermondsey London 
Cf BCI (1891M): Christopher Arthur Edkins, St Olave
John Edkins8Bermondsey London 
Cf BCI (1893J): John Charles Edkins, St Olave

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Newington, LND. Pages 819131, person 19856049-51
Frederick Edkins25Soho LondonStevedore
Rachel Edkins25Lambeth London 
Eva Edkins1MCamberwell London 
Cf BCI (1901J): Eva Sarah Edkins, Southwark

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Yardley, WOR. Pages 1512613, person 36124627-30
Samuel Edkins36Warksre BirminghamCoal Carter
Alice Edkins31Staffrdre Wednesbury 
Thomas Edkins3Warkere Birmingham 
Cf BCI (1898J): Thomas William Edkins, Aston
Florence Edkins6MWark Birmingham 
Cf BCI (1900D): Florence Mary Edkins, Solihull

Parish Registers

Birmingham St Phillips, WAR (IGI)
Job EDKINS= Elizabeth LANCASTER21 Aug 1847
Lapworth, WAR (IGI)
Thomass. of Job & Elizabeth EDKINS16 Nov 1845
Williams. of Job & Elizabeth EDKINS28 Nov 1847
Rowington, WAR (IGI)
Johns. of Job & Elizabeth EDKINS02 Jun 1850
Charless. of Job & Elizabeth EAKINS7 Nov 1852
Daniels. of Job & Elizabeth EDKINS7 Oct 1855
St Anne Soho, LND (IGI)
Frederick EDKINS= Harriet Sarah MOORE02 Aug 1874
Holy Trinity, Stratford-upon-Avon, Baptisms
Thomass. of Thomas & Milisent EDKINS22 Oct 1784
Thomas *s. of Thomas & Milesent EDKINS28 Dec 1785
Williams. of Thomas & Milesent EDKINS30 Jan 1787
Jobs. of Thomas & Millicent EDKINS5 Jun 1789
Edwards. of Thomas & Millicent EDKINS8 Jul 1791
Joshuas. of Thomas & Millicent EDKINS15 Jun 1792
Calebs. of Thomas & Milicent EDKINS20 May 1796
* I should point out that there is no actual proof that this is the same Thomas who was later a Turncock in Lambeth. The age in the census records is not quite correct for this Thomas. There were however no other Thomas Edkins baptisms in Stratford within 5 years of the expected date 1787-8.


Birth - Registration District: Lambeth
Sub-District: Waterloo (first part)
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Tenth May 1849
29 Mitre Street
Jane William Edkins,
Engine Driver
Jane Edkins
formerly Grady

War Graves

Memorial: POZIERES MEMORIAL, Somme, France
Panel Number: Panel 54 to 56
In Memory of
Rifleman 41642
11th/13th Bn., Royal Irish Rifles
attd. 22nd Entrenching Bn. formerly (26981), Northamptonshire Regiment
who died on Saturday, 30th March 1918. Age 31.
Additional Information:
Son of Mr. and Mrs. Edkins, of 3, Drappers Rd., Bermondsey;
Husband of Mrs. Edkins, of 24, Bevington St., Bermondsey, London.