EDKINS - Sources for EDK00026.

Census: 6th June 1841 (ages may be in 5 year bands)

1841 Marston Sicca (HO 107/360-33-8-10)
William EDKINS 40Butcher
Elizabeth EDKINS40 
Daniel EDKINS13 
Caroline EDKINS10 
Harriet EDKINS8 

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 Rother Street, Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire (2074-310-27)
William TIBBETTSHead64Atorney & SolicitorWarwick WAR
Caroline EDKINSServ23House ServantLong Marston-GLS

1851 Marston Sicca, Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire (2074-418-7)
William EDKINS Head52ButcherDorsington-GLS
Elizabeth EDKINSWife60 Aston Magna-WOR

1851 Marston Sicca, Stratford On Avon, Warwickshire (2074-420-10)
Daniel EDKINS Head22Ag LabMarston Sicca-GLS
Sarah EDKINSWife23Lab WifeEdinstons-DEV
(DEV is apparently a transcription error - see Parish registers)
Elizth. EDKINSDaur5 Evisham-WOR
Mary EDKINSDaur2 Marston Sicca-GLS
William Henry KECKRel19Ag LabBroad Marston-GLS

Census: 7th April 1861

1861 Marston Sicca, Warwickshire (2231-61-20-71)
William EDKINS Head64ButcherMarston
Elizabeth EDKINSWife72 Aston Magna
Job EDKINSSon34Masons LabourerMarston
Caroline EDKINSSon30 Marston
Jane EDKINSGranddau11ScholarMarston
Caroline EDKINSGranddau9ScholarMarston

1861 Marston Sicca, Warwickshire (2231-61-20-73)
Daniel EDKINS Head33Ag. LabMarston
Sarah EDKINSWife36do. WifeOxon. Stony En'ston
Mary EDKINSDau11ScholarMarston
George EDKINSSon10ScholarMarston
James EDKINSSon7ScholarMarston
Caroline EDKINSSon4 Marston
William EDKINSSon2 Marston

1861 Ebrington Glos
Selina EDKINSDaug19Labs WifeGloucs Hidcote
James EDKINS S.I.L.25Ag. LabourerWarks Long Marston

Census: 3rd April 1881

1881 Marston Sicca, GLS (3102-55-2)
Ann EDKINS Head(W)31 Clifford
Emily Cowley EDKINSDau9ScholarQuinton
Sarah EDKINSDau6ScholarMarston Sicca
Cf BCI (1874S): Sarah Ann J Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
Elizabeth EDKINSDau5ScholarMilcote
Cf BCI (1876J): Elizabeth Lavinia Edkins, Stratford-on-Avon
Mary EDKINSDau6m Marston Sicca

1881 Marston Sicca, GLS (3102-56-3)
James EDKINS Head45Agricultural LabourerMarston Sicca
Selina EDKINSWife41 Hidcote
Dora EDKINSDau19General Domestic ServantMarston Sicca
Charles EDKINSSon16Agricultural LabourerMarston Sicca
Thomas EDKINSSon4Agricultural LabourerMarston Sicca
Theodocia EDKINSDau11ScholarMarston Sicca
Henry EDKINSSon8ScholarMarston Sicca
Alice EDKINSDau4ScholarMarston Sicca

1881 Higham, GLS (3132-93-16)
William EDKINS Head24Ag LabLong Marston GLS
Lydia EDKINSWife25 Clifton Campville STS
Harry EDKINSSon4 Harmston STS
George EDKINSSon2 Lullington DBY
Rosanna EDKINSDau3m Higham LEI

1881 Hugglescote, LEI (3142-94-51)
Daniel EDKINS Head58Quarry ManLong Marston GLS
Age seems to be an error - should be 52
Elizebeth EDKINSWife55 Hampton WOR
Walter EDKINSSon18Quarry ManLong Marston GLS

Census: 5th April 1891

1891 Marston Sicca Glos
James EDKINS Head56Agricultural LabourerMarston Sicca
Selina EDKINSWife51 Hidcote Boyce
Henry EDKINSSon18Agricultural LabourerMarston Sicca
William EDKINSSon9ScholarMarston Sicca
Walter EDKINSSon6ScholarHandsworth

Census: 31 Mar 1901

1901 Bardon, LEI. Page 684990, persons 16493940-5
Charles Edkins38Gloucestershire Long MarstonGranite Stone Quarryman
Age seems to be an error - should be 36
Anne Edkins39Staffs Bilston 
James Edkins7Leicestershire Bardon Hill 
Cf BCI (1893D): James William Edkins, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
John Edkins6Leicestershire Bardon Hill 
Cf BCI (1895J): John Thomas Edkins, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
Maggie Edkins3Leicestershire Bardon Hill 
Cf BCI (1898J): Maggie Selina Edkins, Ashby-de-la-Zouch
William Edkins19Gloucester Marston SiccoGranite Stone Quarryman

1901 Balsall Heath, Birmingham, WAR. Page 1370917, persons 32776606-7
Thomas Edkins34Long Marston GlosRailway Porter
Amelia Edkins33Quinton Glos 
Cf MCI (1895J): Thomas Edkins & Amelia Hughes, Warwick 6d 1034


Birth - Registration District: Stratford on Avon
Sub-District: Old Stratford
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Thirtieth August 1874
Marston Sicca
Sarah Ann Julia James Edkins,
Farm Labourer
Ann Edkins
formerly Cowley
Birth - Registration District: Ashby de la Zouch
Sub-District: Whitwick
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Twentyfifth October 1893
34 The Crescent
Bardon Hill
James William Charles Edkins,
Stoker at the Stone Quarries
Anne Edkins
formerly Potts

Parish Registers

Coventry (Saint Michael) WAR (IGI)
William EDKINGS= Delilah KNOTT12 Aug 1816
Marston Sicca, GLS (IGI)
Charless. of William & Delilah EDKINS
See note: Elizabeth vs Delilah
24 Jan 1817
Johns. of William & Delilah EDKINS11 Sep 1818
Williams. of William & Delilah EDKINS22 Oct 1820
Annd. of William & Delilah EDKINS24 Feb 1822
Georges. of William & Delilah ATKINS03 Aug 1823
Jobs. of William & Elizabeth EDKINS15 Oct 1826
Daniels. of William & Elizabeth ETKINS15 Nov 1829
Maryd. of William & Elizabeth ETKINS15 Nov 1829
Carolined. of William & Elizabeth ATKINS08 Apr 1832
Harrietd. of William & Delia ATKINS16 Jun 1833
Daniel EDKINS= Sarah KEEK14 Oct 1848
Maryd. of Daniel & Sarah EDKINS?? May 1849
Joseph Georges. of Daniel & Sarah ADKINS26 Oct 1851
Jamess. of Daniel & Sarah ATKINS16 Apr 1854
Carolined. of Daniel & Sarah EDKINS12 Apr 1857
William Henrys. of Daniel & Sarah EDKINS30 Oct 1859
Walter Daniels. of Daniel & Sarah EDKINS07 Jun 1863
Daniel EDKINS= Elizabeth BUTLER or FREEMAN29 Jan 1868
Dorad. of James & Selina ADKINS23 Feb 1862
Charless. of James & Selina EDKINS15 May 1864
Theodosia Elizabethd. of James & Selina EDKINS27 May 1870
Theodosia Elizabeth EDKINS= Thomas GOULD06 Aug 1892
Henrys. of James & Selina EDKINS29 Sep 1872
Alice Delilahd. of James & Selina EDKINS29 Apr 1877
Enstone, OXF (IGI)
Sard. of Tho & Eliz KECK4 Jan 1829

WWI Attestation Papers

James W EDKINS b Bardon Hill ENG 25 Oct 1895; nok Charles (Bardon H, LEI) Father

Elizabeth vs. Delilah

Jennie Norton writes:

I believe Elizabeth and Delilah are the same person.

"Elizabeth, Aston Magna" had a daughter Caroline who married a Joseph Field. Towards the end of her life "Elizabeth" lived with her daughter, Caroline Field, and when she died in 1885, Caroline registered her mother's death in the name of Delilah (Cert held), despite the fact that on every census from 1851 - 1881 she was down as Elizabeth b. Aston Magna. I think that Caroline must have known her mother's proper name.

Also, in the parish records of Blockley, which covers Aston Magna, there is a baptism of a Delilah Nott (no K) in the correct year.