EDKINS - Sources for EDK00033.

I have not attempted to follow Vicki Enigk's sources, which are many and various and probably only available in America. These are just the few references I discovered independently. K.E.

Census: US Federal 1850

Shrewsbury Township, Sullivan County PA (#2)
Edkins, John G.49FarmerNY
Edkins, Alice47 PA
Edkins, George15 PA
Edkins, Martha8 PA
Edkins, Jane6 PA
Shrewsbury Township, Sullivan County PA (#3)
Edkin, Francis.45FarmerNY
Edkin, Judy40 PA
Edkin, Jane18 PA
Edkin, Delia17 PA
Edkin, Eliza15 PA
Edkin, Margaret13 PA
Edkin, Debrah11 PA
Edkin, Warren9 PA
Edkin, Henry7 PA
Edkin, John5 PA
Edkin, Mary3 PA
Edkin, Sarah8/12 PA
Shrewsbury Township, Sullivan County PA (#18)
Edkin, George55FarmerNY
Edkin, Elizabeth54 PA

Parish Registers

Cockerham, LAN (IGI)
Johns. of George EDKIN04 Feb 1776
Ellel, LAN (IGI)
Franciss. of George EDKIN09 May 1784
Margaretd. of George17 May 1781
St Mary's Church, Lancaster, LAN (IGI)
Andrew EDKIN= Sarah Waller13 Nov 1738
Johns. of Andrew EDKIN12 Sep 1737
George EDKIN= Margaret Wilkinson06 Nov 1762
Georges. of George EDKIN09 Mar 1767
Johns. of George EDKIN25 Mar 1764
Sarahd. of George EDKIN03 Dec 1769
Sarah EDKIN= John WEBSTER26 May 1795