Will of George Edkins 1762

Irish Deeds Vol 247 Page 305 No.161820. (10 Apr 1762)
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To the Regist[e]r app[ointe]d for Regist[ration] of Deeds Wills and so forth

A Memorial of the last will and Testam[en]t of George Edkins late of Millstreet in the County of Dublin gent deceased bearing date the tenth day of April one thous[an]d seven hundred and sixty two Reciting that he was indebted and did owe sev[era]l considerable sums of money unto different persons sev[era]l of whom were by vertue of Elegits or other processes in the Law in the actual poss[essio]n and receipts of all or most of his holdings situate in Millstreet Blackpitts Wardshill and New Markett in the County of Dublin which prem[is]es were held by him under and by vertue of two Sev[era]l leases of lives renewable for ever from the late and then present Earl of Meath at and under the sev[era]l yearly rents therein mentioned and further reciting that his Eldest son the Rev[eren]d James Edkins Clerk and his second son Peter were jointly and severally bound with him for sev[era]l of his said debts he did thereby give devise and bequeath unto his son the said James Edkins his heirs Ex[ecut]ors Ad[ministrato]rs and assigns one undivided moiety of his said holdings or concerns to his and their own use & behoof for subject to a moiety of the yearly [rent] and fines for ren[ewa]l payable thereout to the said Earl of Meath and heirs in full payment and satisfaction of all sum or sums of Money which he had already paid and sh[oul]d be obliged to pay on acc[oun]t of his being security with him and in case his said son James should refuse to accept of an undivided moiety of said concerns as payment and satisfaction of his demands and should not within the space of six Months by proper Deed or Deeds release and discharge the other undivided Moiety of said Concerns from all Claims and Demands that he could make on acc[oun]t of his Debt, it was the will and Intention of the said George Edkins that the said James should Remain as a Cred[ito]r and come in his turn into the receipt of the rents issues and profits of said concerns until he was fully paid and satisfied his Demand and the remain[in]g undivided moiety of his said holding and concerned subject to the remainder of his Debts and to a moiety of the yearly rent and fines for renewal payable to the said Earl of Meath, he devised unto his Grand Children George Eliz[abe]th & James Edkins Children of my said son Peter equally among them Share and Share alike as Tenants in Common and not as joint Tenants and to their resp[ect]ive heirs Ex[ecut]ors Ad[ministrato]rs and assigns and in case any of his Grand Children should die before the age of twenty one years he devised the part or share of him her or them to the surv[ivo]rs or surv[ivo]r his her or their resp[ect]ive heirs Ex[ecut]ors Ad[ministrato]rs and assigns and in case James should not accept of the undivided moiety devised to him in full of his Demand and release the other part as aforesaid he devised the said undivided Moiety unto his four (sic) Grand Children in the same man[ne]r as he had devised them the other moiety subject to all his Debts and after all his Debts were paid he devised his Ex[ecut]ors to pay his son George Edkins the yearly sum of ten pounds by quarterly payments but not to sell or alienate the same, he bequeathed to his son Peter and his other children John Edkins and Rebecca Turner one shilling apiece and the rem[ain]d[e]r of his fortune and substance he bequeathed to his said grand Children equally share alike and he impowered his Ex[ecut]ors during the minority of his grand Children to demise and let any part of his Holdings as should be out of Lease for any Term or number of years or for three lives with or without renewals but at the best and most improved yearly Rent without fine and he app[ointe]d his sons James Edkins and Peter Edkins Ex[ecut]ors of his said will and as far as in him lay he app[ointe]d the said Peter guardian to his said Children and he thereby Devised his holding in Blackpitts which is a Lease of lives renewable for ever from Merriott Dalway Esq[ui]r[e] equally between the said James Edkins and his said grand Children on the same terms and conditions as he had by his s[ai]d will devised the prem[is]es held under the Earl of Meath which said Will was duly Executed by the said George Edkins in the presence of Ann Coulson widow Hugh Jefferies Grocer and Gilbert Allason publick notary all of the City of Dublin.