EDKINS - Sources for ARTAUD.

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 79 Wimpole Street
Stephen ARTAUD
Should age be 57?
Head37Upholsterer master empl 4Middx Pinner
Sarah ARTAUDWife42 Marylebone
Thomas Carr ARTAUDSon19 Marylebone
Sarah Maria ARTAUDDau16 Marylebone

1851 19 Townshend Road
William ARTAUD Head59Cabinet Maker UpholstererMiddx St Martins Westminster
Maria ARTAUDWife48 Devon Allington
Should be Alwington
Thomas Henry ARTAUDSon28Architects SurveyorMarylebone
Age should be 20
Dau29Teacher & ScholarMarylebone
Maria ARTAUDDau19Teacher & ScholarMarylebone
John Bowen ARTAUDNeph9 Marylebone
Stephen Bowen ARTAUDNeph7 Marylebone

Parish Registers

Alwington, DEV (IGI)
Mariad. of William & Elizabeth CANN10 Jul 1803
Pinner, St John the Baptist, MDX
Elizabethd. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAUD23 Aug 1795
St Martin in the Field (IGI)
Stephen ARTAUD= Elizabeth SEWARD28 Sep 1755
Ann Susannad. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAUD11 Jul 1756
Elizabeth Catherined. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAUD30 Oct 1757
Stephens. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAUD15 Nov 1758
Johns. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAUD25 May 1760
Catherine Annd. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAUD24 May 1761
Mary Estherd. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAND28 Apr 1765
Marthad. of Stephen & Elizabeth ARTAUD12 Feb 1769
Stephen ARTAUD= Sarah CARR20 Apr 1789
Stephend. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAND28 Mar 1790
Williamd. of Stephen & Sarah ARLAUD27 Nov 1791
Thomas Horsloped. of Stephen & Sarah ARLAUD25 Dec 1793
Sarah Susannad. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAUD04 May 1804
Anna Catherined. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAUD31 Jul 1808
St Marylebone All Souls (IGI)
William ARTAUD= Maria CANN03 Feb 1827
Mary Annd. of William & Maria ARTAUD29 Jul 1830
Sarah Mariad. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAUD11 Aug 1834
John Bowens. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAUD01 Oct 1841
Edgars. of Stephen & Sarah ARTAUD25 Oct 1849
St Marylebone St Thomas (IGI)
Stephen ARTAUD= Bessie Campbell Cook SCINES04 Aug 1873
John Bowen ARTAND= Ada Sarah MANSFIELD13 Sep 1866

Family sources

The first Stephen Artaud was from Paris in France and Emigrated to England via Holland in abt. 1744. He was the son of a Parisian Tapestry Merchant (No Name) and had an Uncle, Peter Joseph, (died abt. 1760 aged 54) who was a Bishop in the Roman Catholic Church.Wrote several very famous church discourses, in which good sense and eloquence are displayed to advantage.

Steven himself was of a Protestant (Huguenot) belief and saw now future for himself in Paris, due to the ongoing persecutions. We are also not sure if he was a Huguenot, but because he did not leave France via a normal route, he may well been missed!! My mother and Uncle both maintained he was!!! - Certainly there are a lot of Artauds in Canada and USA, so it would be interesting to see where they all tie up to the tree!! And at what stage they left France!! I know from South African Records that the Huguenots all arrived in the Cape early in 1700's.

He (Stephen) study Jewellery in Holland and on his arrival in London he worked for and later succeed a Mr. Arkell, who was the Crown Jeweller to King George the Third? (I have not confirmed this!!). My cousin Richard Scrase is trying to find out whether there is an Arkell Hallmark and what in fact Stephen made!! According to records the family made, he was a frequent visitor to the palace and often dined with the King and Queen.

In fact he was so busy that he had his two spinster sisters join him in the business. Both were also from Paris and one of them taught at the Dutemps School there for over 40 years. Both died in London, but as yet I have no record of their existence or even their names!!

One of the other facts that are mentioned in the writing are:- one of the Artauds was in fact the Archbishop of Rheims in France about 774 and was famous (or Infamous) for his dispute with the counts of Paris and Normandy, who laid siege to Rheims. Artaud was deposed, but the King restored him to his see the following year.

From Alan Mitchell, grandson of Marjorie Decima Artaud