EDKINS - Sources for HENDLEY.

Census: 6th June 1841

1841 Brinklow, WAR 0345-2-12-18
Sarah HENLEY60 
William HENLEY19Boat Builder
Thomas COLLEDGE20Agr Lab
William COLLEDGE3 
Sarah COLLEDGE11m 
Benjamin HENLEY27Boat Builder
Hannah HENLEY24 
Henry HENLEY4 
Sarah HENLEY3 
Hannah HENLEY11m 

Census: 30th March 1851

1851 Brinklow Rugby, WAR 2069-19-11
Benjamin HENLEYHead36Boat BuilderBirmingham-WAR
Hannah HENLEYWife32---Birmingham-WAR
Henry HENLEYSon13ScholarBrinklow-WAR
Sarah HENLEYDaur12ScholarBrinklow-WAR
Benjamin HENLEYSon8ScholarBrinklow-WAR
Hannah HENLEYDaur10ScholarBrinklow-WAR
Emma HENLEYDaur1---Brinklow-WAR

1851 Brinklow Rugby, WAR 2069-20-12
Sarah HENLEY Head69Domestic EmploymentMiddelton-OXF
William COLLEDGEGSon13Agr LabBrinklow-WAR

Census: 7th April 1861

1861 Ettingshall Rd, Sedgley, STS 2053-86
Henry HENDLEY Head36BoatbuilderWarw Brinklow
Ann HENDLEYWife36 Derbys Meesome
Sarah HENDLEYDau15DressmakerDerbys Meesome
Emma HENDLEYDau14DressmakerDerbys Meesome
Hannah HENDLEYDau9ScholarStaffs Bilston
Henry HENDLEYSon6 Staffs Bradley
Jane Ann HENDLEYDau4 Staffs Sedgley
George F HENDLEYSon2 Staffs Sedgley
Fanny HENDLEYDau1 Staffs Sedgley

Census: 5th April 1891

1891 Hartshorn Street, Bilston, STS
Thomas HENDLEY Head29BoatbuilderWolverhampton
Fanny HENDLEYWife27 Bilston
William HENDLEYSon6 Sedgley
Ellen HENDLEYDau3 Bilston
Gerald HENDLEYSon11mth Bilston

Parish Registers

Banbury, St Mary's, OXF (IGI)
William HENLEY= Sarah NEALE14 Dec 1812
Birmingham, Saint Phillips, WAR (IGI)
Benjamins. of William & Sarah HENLEY
of Cottage Lane, B'ham, Boat Builder
20 Sep 1813
b. 25 Aug
Brinklow, WAR (IGI)
Emmad. of William & Sarah HENLEY13 Feb 1820
Williams. of William & Sarah HENLEY19 May 1822
Johns. of William & Sarah HENLEY22 Sep 1822
Benjamin HENLEY= Hannah SAUNDERS15 Aug 1836
s. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY25 Jun 1837
d. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY7 Apr 1839
Sarah HENLEY= James COLLEDGE27 Dec 1859
maybe Hannah
d. of Benjamin & Anna HENDLEY27 Sep 1840
= John Walker12 Jul 1858
Emmad. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY05 Oct 1846
Emmad. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY30 May 1849
Benjamins. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY30 May 1849
Benjamin HENLEY= Elizabeth COTTON04 Nov 1867
Ruthd. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY04 Apr 1852
Ruthd. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY09 Nov 1856
Ruth HENLEY= George COLLINS21 Sep 1874
Ann Phoebed. of Benjamin & Hannah HENLEY24 Mar 1859
Ann Phoebe HENLEY= Allen PRINT (actually Alban)25 Dec 1875
John HENLEY= Phoebe FARN12 Dec 1836
Phoebed. of William & Ellen HENLEY31 Dec 1843


Birth - Registration District: Dudley
Sub-District: Sedgley, Staffs
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Seventh March 1857
Ettingshall Colliery
Jane Ann Henry Hendley,
Boat Builder (Master)
Ann Hendley
formerly Wright
Birth - Registration District: Wolverhampton
Sub-District: Wolverhampton West, Staffs
Where & when born Name Father Mother
Ninth February 1862
Thomas William Hendley,
Boat Builder Master
Ellen Hendley
formerly Harwell

Marriage - St Michael's Church, Coventry, WAR
Date Between Profession Residence Fathers
5 Feb 1843 William Henley Boat Builder St John's Street William Henley, Boat Builder
Eleanor Harwell   Little Park Street Joseph Harwell, Labourer
Witnesses: Henry Henley, Emma Oughton
Marriage - St Andrews's Church, West Bromwich, STS
Date Between Profession Residence Fathers
2 Nov 1884 Thomas Henley (22) Boat Builder Jervoise Street William Hendley, Boat Builder
Fanny Doleman (21)   Jervoise Street William Doleman, Brass Caster
Witnesses: William Doleman, Jane Henley