Clipboard How to use it

Most programs use the Clipboard in the same way. It is not at all complicated. There are three commands: Cut, Copy and Paste. These can all be found under the "Edit" menu.


This removes something, usually a piece of text or picture, from a document and places it in the clipboard. Imagine it like cutting out an item on a newspaper and keeping it. To cut something, first select some text by clicking and dragging over it, then click "Edit", "Cut".

Although cutting appears to remove the text/picture, it can be accessed by pasting from the clipboard.

The shortcut for Cut is Ctrl+X, that is, hold down the Ctrl key and press X.


Copy works in the same way as Cut, except the text/picture is not removed from the document. It simply copies the information to the clipboard, where it can later be pasted.

The shortcut for Copy is Ctrl+C.


This allows you to access the information on the Clipboard. If you select some text before pasting, the text you select is removed. Normally you just put the cursor where you want the text pasted.

The shortcut for Paste is Ctrl+V.

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