Clipboard What it is, and how it works

The Clipboard is a place in R.A.M. where any information can be temporarily stored. What makes it so special is that all programs in Windows have access to the Clipboard, and they all use the same one. This means information can be copied to the Clipboard from Internet Explorer and pasted into Notepad.

This also means that the Clipboard is not a good place for storing information for a long period of time. The Clipboard is wiped whenever Windows is shut down, so it will not be there when you next switch your computer on. Also, data copied to the Clipboard is likely to be overwritten by another program some time later.

The Clipboard is not just used for text. It can also be used for pictures, and all sorts of other strange things, generally not worth worrying about. Programs such as Microsoft Internet Explorer copy data in several different formats, to ensure there is one that will be accepted by the program you paste into.

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