Running programs Start menu

The Start menu can be found at the bottom-left of the screen, looking like this: The Start button The Start menu is a good way of starting programs, and doing various tasks, especially shutting down the computer.

Click on "Start" (down the bottom-left). You will probably see a short list of programs, then "Programs", "Documents", "Settings", "Help" and finally "Shut Down...".

Before you switch your computer off it is a good idea to shut it down properly. This can be done by clicking on "Start", then "Shut Down..." You will be given options on what you want to do - shut down, restart, and possibly some others.

To run a program, first see if it is listed at the top of the menu (it probably won't be). If not, click on "Programs" and try to find the program you want. Near the top will be Accessories. Other programs might be listed under the company name or the program name.

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