Word Processing Versus Desktop Publishing

Word Processing and Desktop Publishing are in some ways similar, and it may not be obvious which you should use to produce a document. The similarities are:

The main difference is that Desktop Publisher documents are easier to lay out, so are better for things like newsletters where the layout is important, and the text may be in more than one places.

When you start a new Word Processor document, you see a blank page onto which you can type text. When you start a new Publisher document, you see a blank page and must add a text frame, into which you can type text. You can also have picture frames, Clip Art frames, WordArt frames, tables and various drawing objects.

Run Microsoft Publisher and add some frames of various sorts. You may notice that they work in a similar way to MS Word objects (but with some differences). In fact, you can probably use Word as a Desktop Publisher, and you can even add text frames to the documents, but it is not very easy.

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