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Hoverflies (Syrphidae), tribus Bacchini

Smallish hoverflies, with variable amounts of yellow marking. Wings often held over the abdomen when resting. Larvae predatory, often on aphids.

Baccha elongata (Fabricius, 1775)

Baccha elongata
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 3 Sep 2015; female
  • The thin abdomen is very distinctive when flying
  • Only one UK species now recognised in this genus (Chandler, 1998)
  • 9.5mm long
  • NBN Atlas.

Platycheirus scutatus (Meigen, 1822)

Platycheirus clypeatus (Meigen, 1822)

Platycheirus scutatus and P. clypeatus
  • Left: P. scutatus Cambridge: 26 May 2001; male
  • Right: P. clypeatus Cambridge: 23 Apr 2001; male
  • To same scale: both are about 9mm long.
  • P. scutatus has smaller yellow markings: also a spur of hair on the front tibia (not seen here).
  • Platycheirus spp. normally rest with wings concealing the markings, making recognition of live specimens very difficult.
  • NBN Atlas: P. scutatus / P. clypeatus.

Tribus Cheilosiini

Cheilosia illustrata (Harris, 1780)

Cheilosia illustrata
  • Cambridge: Barnwell East LNR TL479582, 7 Jul 2015; male
  • Furry bee mimic with a dark face and dark wing cloud.
  • NBN Atlas.

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