Order Heteroptera, family Lygaeidae

Ground Bugs

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Nettle Groundbug Heterogaster urticae (Fabricius, 1775)

Heterogaster urticae Heterogaster urticae
  • Cambridge, Mill Road Cemetery TL462582: 7 Sep 2014
  • Found on nettles in large aggregations of nymphs (l) and adults (r).
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Ischnodemus sabuleti (Fallén, 1826)

Ischnodemus sabuleti Ischnodemus sabuleti
  • Cambridge, Byron's Pool: 26 May 2015 (l); Perse School: 16 Sep 2014 (r).
  • A species of wetland areas which can occur in very large swarms.
  • The macropterous and micropterous forms seen here are both common and can occur in the same population.
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Birch Catkin Bug Kleidocerys resedae (Panzer, 1797)

Kleidocerys resedae
  • Cambridge, Mill Road Cemetery TL462582: 11 Jun 2015
  • Common around birch trees.
  • Forewings are largely transparent.
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Scolopostethus thomsoni Reuter, 1874

Scolopostethus thomsoni
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 23 Jul 2001
  • Often found among nettles
  • Other Scolopostethus spp. are very similar, but the red & black antennae seem to fit thomsoni
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