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Hoverflies (Syphidae), tribe Merodontini

Eumerus tuberculatus Rondani, 1857

Eumerus tuberculatus
  • Cambridge: 2 Sep 2001
  • Tentative identification - E. strigatus is very similar
  • Larvae feed on bulbs of garden Narcissus and (probably) wild bluebell
  • Detail - the venation near the wing-tips helps to distinguish this from other small dark hoverflies.

Large Bulb Fly Merodon equestris (Fabricius, 1794)

Merodon equestris equestris Merodon equestris equestris
A range of colour forms but legs always black. These two are f. equestris with parti-coloured thorax, male (l), female (r).
Merodon equestris narcissi Merodon equestris transversalis
These forms with tawny thorax are f. narcissi (l) and the slightly different f. transversalis (r) with banded abdomen. There is also a form with black thorax.
Larvae feed on bulbs of eg Narcissus and bluebell so sometimes a pest.

Tribe Rhingiini

Rhingia campestris Meigen, 1822

Rhingia campestris
  • Cambridge: 17 May 2015
  • Larvae are known to feed in cattle dung; the wide spread of this species suggests they may use other food sources as well.
  • The distinctive snout of the genus holds a very long proboscis. It has been dubbed the "Heineken Fly" - reached the parts that other flies can't.
  • The rarer R. rostrata is has more orange on the abdomen, and particularly does not have a dark side edge to it.

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