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Gasteruption jaculator (Linnaeus, 1758)

Gasteruption jaculator
  • Cambridge 24 June 2002.
  • Family: Gasteruptionidae.
  • Proof that evolution enjoys a joke as much as anybody :-)
  • Larvae feed on grubs of solitary bees.

Family: Ichneumonidae

General reference books are little help in tackling this huge family, and there do not seem to be any useful web resources, so most of these are portrayed without even tentative identifications.

Amblyteles armatorius (Förster, 1771)

  • Cambridge 15 July, 30 June 2001.
  • Body about 11mm
  • Frequently sighted because of its bright yellow markings on abdomen and legs
  • Caution - tentative identification only

  • Cambridge 20 May 2001.
  • Body 7mm antennae 5mm ovipositor 3.5mm

  • Cambridge 8 October 2000.
  • Body 11mm antennae 9mm
  • The shape and colouring resembles illustrations of Pimpla instigator but it seems to be too small (but this is a male...).

  • Cambridge 23 September 2001, found dead indoors.
  • Body 5mm antennae also 5mm

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