Order Diptera - Family Tipulidae

The crane-flies or "daddy-long-legs", large long-legged flies.

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Tipula lunata Linnaeus, 1758

Tipula lunata
  • Cambridge 10 June 2001
  • Tipula includes Britain's largest crane-flies
  • Identified from long series of species pictured at Bioimages.

Nephrotoma flavescens (Linnaeus, 1758)

Nephrotoma flavescens
  • Cambridge 10 June 2001
  • Nephrotoma are smaller than Tipula, and known as tiger crane-flies from their colouration.
  • Again I have used the pictures at Bioimages for these identifications.

Nephrotoma quadrifaria (Meigen, 1804)

Nephrotoma quadrifaria

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