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Aspidapion radiolus (Marsham, 1802)

Aspidapion radiolus
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 6 Jul 2016
  • Found on Mallow and other Malvaceae, often in large numbers. These were on hollyhock.
  • Southern & central Britain. NBN Atlas

Cabbage Stem Weevil Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus (Marsham, 1802)

Ceutorhynchus pallidactylus
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 15 Jul 2015
  • Larvae bore in brassica stems. Can be a pest on oilseed rape crops; in our garden it is presumably feeding on Brussels Sprouts.
  • NBN Atlas

Curculio salicivorus Paykull, 1792

Curculio salicivorus
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 5 May 2001
  • Length (head + body, not rostrum): 2.5mm
  • On willow, using snout - well I thought it was sucking sap, but I'm told it is laying eggs in sawfly galls.
  • Identified from Joy's Handbook on the following points: tapered body, long snout with antennae midway along, black rostrum and antennae, size, host.
  • Synonym: Balanobius salicivorus
  • NBN Atlas

Euophryum confine (Broun, 1881)

Euophryum confine
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 19 Jun 2016
  • Indigenous to New Zealand, first recorded in Britain near London in 1937 but possibly present earlier. Now widespread in England and Northern Ireland.
  • A wood-borer in dead & decaying trees and structural timber.
  • NBN Atlas

Clay-coloured Weevil Otiorhynchus singularis (Linnaeus, 1767)

Otiorhynchus singularis
  • Cambridge: 16 Jul 2016, Gwydir Street
  • Similar to the Vine Weevil (below) but with brown scales, reddish surface, and erect hairs on the elytra.
  • Also uses a wide range of food plants.
  • NBN Atlas

Vine Weevil Otiorhynchus sulcatus (Fabricius, 1775)

Otiorhynchus sulcatus

Nettle weevil Phyllobius pomaceus Gyllenhal, 1834

Phyllobius pomaceus
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 26 May 2001
  • Length (head + body): 9mm
  • On raspberry: we don't cultivate (many) nettles!
  • NBN Atlas

Pea-leaf Weevil Sitona lineatus (Linnaeus, 1758)

Sitona lineatus
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 30 May 2015
  • Feeds on the leaves of many leguminous species including vetches and clovers.
  • Also feeds on pea and bean plants, leaving circular notches on the edges of leaves.
  • NBN Atlas

Apple fruit weevil Neocoenorrhinus aequatus (Linnaeus, 1767)

Neocoenorrhinus aequatus
  • Cambridge, Gwydir Street: 6 May 2001
  • Until recently known as Rhynchites aequatus and also Tatianaerhynchites aequatus. Family Rhynchitidae.
  • Note coppery tint to thorax and slightly hairy elytra
  • Lays eggs in apple buds: larvae leave tunnels in the growing fruit.
  • NBN Atlas

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