Limerick lace

Limerick lace is an embroidered needle lace formed on a mesh.

These pieces of lace came from my grandmother, Violet Dibblee (née Geddes) 1871-1961. The first piece is a Limerick lace wedding veil which belonged originally to Violet Dibblee's aunt, Margaret Geddes (1829-1911). The other pieces could also belong to her. Margaret Geddes married James Vernor in 1860, and John Legat in 1874. I am not sure which wedding the wedding veil was used for, or whether these pieces were bought at the same time.

Here are examples of Limerick lace from my lace collection (although, as I am not an expert, some of my identification may be wrong). Click on a picture below to go to a page about the piece, with a large scale image.

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