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Examples of symmetry

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All these pictures were made online using simple, 2 and 4, 3 and 6 and snowflake symmetry designers.

Simple, 2 and 4 symmetry designs

This face is a simple reflection - vertical line
This house reflected in water is a simple reflection (of course!) - horizontal line
This is a rabbit (from the back). It is vertical, simple symmetry.
This flag is reflection - four lines of symmetry.
It is not quite a Union Flag.
The butterfly is reflection with 2 diagonal lines
This Greek Key has rotational symmetry - 2 fold.
A better representation of the Union Flag (although both the colours and proportion are not quite right). It is 4 fold rotational symmetry. The broad white band must be on top nearest the flagpole, which is assumed to be on the left if not shown.

3 and 6 symmetry designs

The recycling symbol has 3 fold rotational symmetry
Another 3 fold symmetry pattern
A reflective pattern with 3 lines of symmetry
A reflective pattern with 6 lines of symmetry
A 6 fold rotational symmetry pattern
An attempt at a Tudor Rose. This should have 5 lines of symmetry rather than 6, as here.
While this is a tessellation
it is also a reflective pattern with 6 lines of symmetry

Snowflake designs